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 On January 29th and 30th, our Book Bank opened its doors for our Winter Teacher Open House. Teachers were able to RSVP ahead of time or, if they were unable to attend,  could place a book order on our website.

Samantha heard about New Haven Reads from a colleague when she became a New Haven Public School teacher two years ago. “I am obsessed with NHR. Without NHR, I would not be able to provide my students with a robust classroom library (especially in the pandemic!)”

Rachel, a teacher from Truman School, heard about the event through a teacher email list she receives from New Haven Reads. She believes it’s a great resource for students who unable to go to New Haven Reads themselves. “I was able to get an abundance of books for Pre-K students which they can take home and enjoy being read to. I think it’s a phenomenal resource and I really thank New Haven Reads for having a resource for encouraging literacy to our inner-city students. My two children are alumni’s of New Haven Reads Tutoring Program and today they are both attending university and this program has been an inspiration in their lives.”

Kelly was excited to attend the event to get books that will be used for independent reading and Read Alouds. “I am excited to be able to share the love of reading with my students. Thank you for organizing the sign-up by time slot and limiting the number of participants at a time. It felt comfortable to select books during these unusual times with the parameters in place.”

Our Book Bank director Victoria informed us we distributed 262 books to 7 teachers at our Open House. We very much look forward to the next one!