When the students shine

Here at NHR, June Recess just ended and the six-week Summer Session is underway. Although programs continue moving forward, we want to take these two weeks to focus on some of the highlights from the 2018-2019 school year. First up: student feedback and test results!

The CORE Test

Each year we measure the efficacy of the tutoring program through the Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE) test, which measures three areas of literacy: phonics, high-frequency words, and independent reading level. All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade student test twice a year, and NHR staff work with volunteers and parents to individualize skills practice based off of the results.

Key Results:

146 students took the test

100% of students tested improved in at least one area of reading

94% improved their phonics score

70% improved their high-frequency word score

72% increased their independent reading level by at least one grade level

27% increased their independent reading level by two or more grade levels

29% of students improved in every area

In addition to these results, each 2nd and 3rd grade student gets tested on reading comprehension. This year, 78% of them improved their score!

The Student Survey:

Although the CORE test results provide staff with valuable information, each year we also conduct a student survey in order to understand how our students feel about tutoring. This year, 375 students filled out the survey. Of those 375, 85% said that NHR has helped them be a better reader, and 91% said that they feel welcome at NHR.

In Their Own Words:

The best part about New Haven Reads is… “Just coming and feeling like it’s family.

The best part about New Haven Reads is… “I feel like I am safe here.”

I tell my friends that: New Haven Reads is awesome. It helps kids learn and it’s fun. What you do in Lexia and reading, and workbook makes you proud.

I tell my friends that: “It’s the best place ever…New Haven Reads helps a lot of my friends, and I  thank New Haven Reads. It’s the best place ever to learn.”

If you had to describe New Haven Reads in one word, what would it be? Excellent (I love it. I love it. I love it.) 😉

Our students’ experiences and accomplishments mean everything to us. As the summer begins, we thank all of the dedicated volunteers and parents who supported the students this year, and we congratulate our readers even more for all their hard work and improvement!