Volunteer Spotlight: Gabrielle F.

Gabrielle, known as “Gabby,” has been a volunteer at Science park for almost two years. She began volunteering at NHR in February of 2020, just prior to the pandemic. Gabby decided to volunteer at New Haven Reads due to her love for working with children, and her desire to help students look at reading and writing in a fun way. She explains that she learned a lot about working with children from her mother, a kindergarten assistant. 

When asked why she keeps coming back, she stated “Getting to interact with the students, both the ones I tutor and the other students who have different tutors, brings so much joy to my day. I have watched my students grow immensely in their reading skills and I love to tell them that I am proud of them for that. I want them to know that we see how hard they are working.” 

Gabrielle also credits her students with improving her own communication skills, and with teaching her how to adapt her work with them based on their needs. “I understand that students have learned a lot from us working together, but I learn just as much from them.”

Gabby’s favorite book as an adult is Survival of the Sickest by Sharon Moalem. As a kid, Gabrielle loved the Magic Treehouse Books–a series which she now gets to share with one of her students.