Top 5 Reasons to Become a Sustaining Donor

Every day, NHR’s staff and volunteers come together to create a community of skilled and confident readers. By becoming a sustaining donor and making an automatic, tax-deductible gift each month, you can support this work and our impact on hundreds of students, families, and greater New Haven community members.

You don’t have to take our word for it though! We recently surveyed some of our amazing sustaining donors, and they let us know some of their reasons for signing up to support New Haven Reads.

5. Monthly donations are an easy way to support NHR.

“I like the commitment of an automatic, monthly donation.” – NHR Sustaining Donor

When you commit to a monthly sustaining donation, your gift is automatically billed each month, and you never have to remember whether or not you donated this year, find a stamp, write a check, etc.

4. Becoming a sustaining donor means you can stay involved with NHR, even if you move away or can no longer volunteer.

“I was a volunteer for three years before donating. When work obligations prevented me from continuing to volunteer in person, I donated [monthly] and got involved in fundraising for the Spelling Bee.” – NHR Sustaining Donor

Several of NHR’s sustaining donors signed up after other commitments prevented them from continuing to volunteer, or after moving as far away as China! We love to stay connected with our former volunteers and families.

3. It’s also a great way to deepen your commitment to NHR and the local community if you’re a current volunteer or New Haven resident!

“I’ve volunteered at NHR for four years and I think it is a great organization.” – NHR Sustaining Donor 

Becoming a sustaining donor means you’re making a commitment to the local community.

NHR student and tutor

2. Sustaining donors help keep all of our programs free to the public.

Our reach goes far beyond the students and families who come to us every week for tutoring, and sometimes, our impact extends further than any of us know. Case in point: we once received a copy of a handwritten letter from a homeless person thanking us for the “hours of pleasure” they’d gotten from reading books from the Book Bank.

1. Support hard-working, deserving children in their journeys to become confident and skilled readers.

“The best childhood memories I have are the book fairs in school and being able to buy three books for 35 cents. I want children to have books. They are such a great escape.” – NHR Sustaining Donor

I mean…look at these faces.

Will you become a sustaining donor today?