Site Spotlight: Science Park

Science Park is one of our four tutoring locations and is located at 5 Science Park, New Haven. 






We asked our Site Director and our Assistant Site Director to talk a little more about their site and what it NHR means to them. 

Jynnelle is our Site Director and spent much of her younger years at the NHR Book Bank. “Tutoring at Science Park is an immediate mood-booster. Our students will make you laugh, even if you’re having a bad day. Their curiosity leads to great conversations and new discoveries. High-fives and smiles are abundant here. As we support our aspiring readers in the wake of the pandemic, passionate and caring tutors have an opportunity to make a big difference in the lives of our students.

Emma is our Assistant Site Director and joined New Haven Reads as a tutor in January 2019 before becoming an ASD. “Working at Science Park over the past few years has challenged me to grow deeper rooted in my skills and purpose at New Haven Reads. We have met a lot of challenges as a team, but seeing the kids each day and knowing that we all have an impact on each other’s lives has changed my perspective on the problems we face and makes each day even brighter. Being here at Science Park has truly helped me to appreciate the power of community and teamwork!”

If you’re looking to make a difference in our community, Science Park is a great choice to volunteer! 

To learn more about volunteering at New Haven Reads or to fill out an application, click here