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A glimpse of great potential

We look forward to welcoming new students each year, and this September, we welcomed Cassie. On her very first day, the 7-year-old girl entered with some hesitation and confided to her tutor: “I love books, but I can’t read them.” 

New Haven Reads was founded to support students like Cassie through one-on-one literacy programs based in research. Cassie knew many of her letters, though she struggled to blend them into words. She loved hearing stories unfold in books and choosing them off the shelves. She wanted to learn to read, and her tutor knew she would and could. A few weeks later Cassie sight-read a few short words and looks forward to tutoring hours.  

She wanted to learn to read, and her tutor knew she would and could.

Thanks to your support, we provide this life-changing work at no cost to families, and have impacted more than 4,000 students since 2001. Will you continue to support our readers in the coming year with a financial gift? We are counting on your support!

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We know from the 234 names on our waiting list that many more children like Cassie need access to our programs; and data shows just 33 percent of third-grade students in New Haven met language and literacy standards in 2018. 

When students are struggling in the classroom, families turn to New Haven Reads. It’s a commitment for children and their guardians, with weekly sessions, reports, regulations—and it’s worth it, because we get results. Just last year: 

  • 100 percent of first-, second-, and third-grade students improved in at least one area of reading;
  • 90 percent improved their phonics scores; and
  • 70 percent increased their independent reading by at least one grade level. 

Three in 10 students showed improvement in every area of reading.

On that first day when Cassie’s mom picked her up from tutoring, the girl couldn’t wait to share that she had so much fun reading. She had sung her vowels, giggled at silly Dr. Seuss characters, sounded out three-letter words, and glimpsed her own great potential. And that was one afternoon. 

It’s exciting to consider the journey ahead, and all the places their stories could go.

Every day we tutor, at five sites across the city, stories are changing. Not only are students thriving, making strides, and leveling-up in their workbooks, but others are just getting started, taking their first big steps, in a warm, caring environment. It’s exciting to consider the journey ahead, and all the places their stories could go.

When you support New Haven Reads, you directly support children like Cassie, who are motivated, engaged, and excited to unlock the power of reading. With your help, she will. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible financial contribution to ensure that New Haven Reads can serve more students with highly-effective programming in a warm, caring environment.

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