Volunteer Spotlight: Myana M.

Name: Myana M.
Volunteer Location: Bristol Street
Years Tutoring: <1

When & why did you first start volunteering with NHR?
I started volunteering with New Haven Reads in September 2018…after my younger brother enrolled in the program. He was improving in school and enjoyed learning at the same time. When he would talk about his tutor session, he spoke very highly of them and appreciated his tutor. It inspired me to become a tutor and make a positive impact on a student while encouraging them to be better in school.

What keeps you coming back?
My student keeps me coming back. Just last week she drew me a picture because I was her favorite tutor and she likes when I read to her. It truly warmed my heart because just a small act can go a long way. I also enjoy hearing about her school days. They remind me of when I was in elementary school.

What kind of impact do you believe that NHR has on our community and the city of New Haven?
New Haven Reads has an impact on the community by not only using education as motivation but creating a safe space for students. Not everyone has the opportunity to have people in their life that care about them and how well they are doing in school. NHR creates that family atmosphere.

What impact do you feel that volunteering at NHR has had on you?
Volunteering at NHR has had an impact on my perspective on the value of tutors. I had a tutor once in the seventh grade. I didn’t gain much of a personal experience with her and it seemed as if she was only doing the job to get paid. Beginning at NHR, I wanted to be nothing like my past tutor. As I went through training and watched the way other sessions went I noticed they all had one thing in common: all of the tutors took the time to get to know and understand their student and how enthusiastic the student was when greeting the tutors. I realized that tutors aren’t people that just help them with reading and writing. We teach them daily life things and values without even knowing.

If you could describe your volunteering experience at NHR in one word, what would it be?