Volunteer Spotlight: Melanie S.

Melanie has been tutoring at the Willow for about four and a half years. She found NHR in early 2017, while looking for ways to engage in positive activities. The students are what keeps her coming back. I love it. I’ve learned a lot from the kids. Each one has brought something unique to the table. It feels good to be helpful and see the world through different (and younger) perspectives.” She has even brushed up on some of her own skills during her time at NHR! 

Melanie has had many students over the years and shared I keep a wonderful hand-made card from one of my first students on my mantle. It always makes me smile!” 

Some of Melanie’s favorite childhood books were The Blue Cat of Castle Town, Charlotte’s Web, and Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass. One of her current favorites is Piranesi