Volunteer Spotlight: Meg G.

Name: Meg G.
Volunteer Location: Science Park
Years Volunteered: 5 

When and why did you first start volunteering with NHR?
I began volunteering at NHR about five years ago.   When I retired I found I had extra time available.  I looked into a few different volunteering options, but NHR seemed like a really good fit for me.

What keeps you coming back?
I keep coming back because I value the students I have tutored.  I love to read and hope I have conveyed my love of reading to them.

What kind of impact do you believe that NHR has on our community and the city of New Haven?
I think NHR is great for the New Haven community.  It gives people of different ages and backgrounds a chance to come together and realize that we are more alike than different. I honestly feel that I learn as much from my students as I hope they learn from me.

What impact, if any, do you feel that volunteering at NHR has had on you?
Volunteering has had a positive impact on me.  Truthfully, I was a little hesitant at first, due to the fact that I do not have a teaching background.  All of the NHR personnel I have worked with were always there for guidance.  That, in turn, gave me confidence in my abilities.

Describe New Haven Reads in one word.