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Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn A.

Lynn was first introduced to New Haven Reads when her Jazzercise group competed in the Spelling Bee several years ago. Her team had a great experience, and after Lynn retired, a friend and NHR volunteer suggested that she try volunteering with the organization. Lynn finally gave it a try and found that she really enjoyed it.

Lynn is now in her third year as an NHR volunteer. She helped with field trips at the Willow site before moving to the Book Bank on Bristol Street, where she sorts donations, fills book orders, and helps to host field trips. Lynn says that her read aloud skills have improved since she started reading to field trip students. “My favorite book to read is called We Don’t Eat Our Classmates,” she says. “I’m getting really good at reading that one.”

Field trips are not the only part of the job that Lynn looks forward to. “I really enjoy unpacking each box and bag of donated books,” she explains. “It’s sort of like Christmas morning every week because I never know what treasure will be uncovered.” Being a Book Bank volunteer of course comes with the added perk of “adopting a few books for myself or for a friend.”

Though the Book Bank is currently closed, Lynn hasn’t forgotten about New Haven Reads. “I’m looking forward to the time when we’ll be back to normal with boxes of books to unpack and kids to meet on Field Trips.”