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Volunteer Spotlight: Andrew N.

Andrew Nguyen has been volunteering with New Haven Reads for two years at the Bristol Street location. He started volunteering back in 2019. He has always enjoyed working with the younger generation. Andrew states volunteering here has been a privilege because he is able to connect with the amazing children and help play a role in their education. He remembers having someone there for support when he was learning to read as a child and wanted to be there for someone else, because that experience was pivotal to his growth. “Being a volunteer tutor with NHR was a chance for me to give back, even if in the smallest way possible, and that’s important to me because it’s the small interactions that shape us into who we are and who we will become,” Andrew explains.

Something that keeps Andrew coming back is witnessing the growth in the children. “Seeing the moment they learn something new is an awesome feeling,” he says.  Each of his students have helped him become a better teacher and a better human being. He doesn’t hesitate to come back because the site directors make it positive and stand for a mission he fully support.

Thank you to Andrew and all our volunteers for their dedication to our mission!