The 2019 Parent Survey

Each year NHR conducts a parent survey to give our families the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Our parents are critical to our students’ success, and their responses provide insight into our impact and guide our efforts as we continuously seek to provide high quality programs to the New Haven community.

One parent succinctly summarized the two tent-poles upon which our mission rests: “The books and the people.” These things create an environment where visitors, students, parents, and staff always look forward to going—but you don’t have to take our word for it.


99% of parents agree:

“NHR staff understands my child’s educational needs.”


95% of parents agree:

“My child has shown progress from being tutored at NHR.” 



“They care!!”

“My child lives for her days of tutoring; she has changed and learned so much from being a participant.”

“They help the children…[to] never get bored with reading; they help them see it as fun.

“NHR has changed my child’s outlook on reading. She now likes to read and has improved tremendously.

“They make my girls feel at home, and now they love to read.

“My child loves it; therefore, she will learn more.”

“They make you feel like a family; everyone is treated with equality.