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Stephanie Y. Willis

Stephanie Y. Willis is a credentialed social worker with over 25 years of experience working with Connecticut’s children and families. Her career experience includes both school-based and agency positions, and for the past nine of those years, she has been a school-based social worker in the New Haven Public Schools.

Stephanie is a member of the New Haven Public Schools District Equity Leadership Team. She is also a member of two essential Bishop Woods School Teams: the School Planning and Placement Team (PPT) and School Leadership Team. She is also the school’s Student and Staff Support Facilitator and Restorative Circle Facilitator.

Stephanie’s commitment to be a role model who is civically engaged in the Greater New Haven Community in which she was raised and raised her own family continues to motivate her. She is a member of Jack and Jill, New Haven Chapter, and is a supporter of the NAACP, Greater New Haven Chapter. She and her family reside in Hamden, CT.