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Volunteer Spotlight: Seungju H.

Seungju H Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Location: Bristol Street

Years Tutoring: 8 months

When and why did you first start volunteering at NHR?                                                                   I started volunteering in September 2019. As I looked for volunteering opportunities in New Haven, the New Haven Reads program offered a compelling way to contribute to our city while interacting with a group of young people that I had not interacted with in a LONG time. As an ESL student who also received literary tutoring, this opportunity felt refreshing and important.

What keeps you coming back?                                                                                                                While I have loved so many aspects of working with NHR, I have to say the students have been the most rewarding. Their youthful energy, willingness to learn and excitement towards interacting with tutors and NHR staff has been inspirational. In my work and personal life, it’s often easy to forget these innocent, important perspectives. Every week, I come to NHR and feel re energized by these students’ bright attitudes.