Della S, 7th grade

Della’s Mom, Kim, first brought Della to New Haven Reads in the summer of 2013 because she was struggling with comprehension. She was the first student that NHR staff ever supported in a PPT meeting (used to determine if a student qualifies for an IEP, or Individual Educational Plan), and after that meeting Della began to receive additional services at school. However, with NHR’s help Della moved off of her IEP last academic year and has been doing so well that some of her NHR work is based on 8th grade level texts!

Kim said: “Everybody here is great, and it’s a good thing that you guys are doing. When I know a child is struggling, I try to encourage their parents to come here and get the help that their child needs, because it helped my daughter out a lot.”

Della also told us a little bit about her experience at New Haven Reads.

What is your favorite part of tutoring?
I like to read a lot.

What is your favorite book?
My favorite book? Oh my god. I have so many favorite books. I guess A Tale Dark and Grimm, because it has scary things. I like scary movies and books.

What is your favorite memory from New Haven Reads?
When I spent my tutoring hour in there [the Kindergarten room]. It reminds me of a classroom.

What have you learned from New Haven Reads?
How to become a better reader.

What would you tell other people about New Haven Reads?
That it can help them become a better reader too!