Looking Back: A Year in Review

This year NHR reached a HUGE milestone: for the first time EVER, 600 students enrolled in the tutoring program! This week we’re celebrating our community’s accomplishments by taking a look back at some other highlights from the school year.

The Tutoring and Pre-K/Kindergarten Programs  

  • By March 2019, 608 students were attending 762 tutoring hours EACH WEEK.
  • All 608 students were supported by 454 amazing tutors.
  • Approximately 25% of students in the tutoring program took this year’s CORE test. Of those students, 72% improved at least one grade level (or more) in their independent reading level!
  • In addition, 46 more students participated in 10 Pre-K and Kindergarten classes.
A student works in her workbook.
A student concentrates on her workbook, hugging her “reading buddy” Pikachu.

The Book Bank and Field Trip Programs 

  • The Book Bank distributed 116,176 books to the greater New Haven community.
  • Of those books, 11,676 went to 2,013 students who visited us from 36 different schools through the field trips program.
A volunteer sorts books in the book bank.
A volunteer works behind the scenes in the Book Bank, sorting books.

Community Events  

In October 2018, the Board of Alders honored NHR with the Mentorship Award, given to individuals and organizations making an impact in New Haven.

NHR Executive Director Kirsten Levinsohn accepts recognition award from the Black and Hispanic Caucus of New Haven.
Executive Director Kirsten Levinsohn accepts the Mentorship Award from the Board of Alders’ Black and Hispanic Caucus.

In April 2019, the New Haven Alumnae chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority honored NHR with the 2019 Youth Development Community Award.  

NHR accepts Delta Sigma Theta's Youth Development Community Award.
Executive Director Kirsten Levinsohn poses with members of the local Delta Sigma Theta chapter after accepting the 2019 Youth Development Community Award.

Finally, in June NHR staff participated in the Freddy Fixer Parade for the 2nd year in a row. This year we created our very first float, and we gave out more than 1500 books!

A NHR staff member gives out free books at the parade.
Science Park Site Director Audra Clark gives out free books at the 2019 Freddy Fixer Parade. (Photo taken by the New Haven Independent.)

As we look ahead, we’re excited to continuing growing and serving even more students with the support of parents, volunteers, and other community members.