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Donor Spotlight: Bonnie D.

Two NHR students with thumbs up

One of the truly special things about New Haven Reads is the group of remarkable individuals we are proud to call our sustaining donors. One of those individuals is Bonnie, who, despite moving to China, has kept up her commitment and is now one of NHR’s longest-running sustaining donors. We recently asked her some questions about her experience and why she contributes.

What motivates you to give to NHR?

I lived in New Haven for four years as a law student at Yale and then for one year after, and I really didn’t like the idea of being there just as a Yale student and not getting involved in the community.  So, as I was looking for organizations to give regular charitable donations to, I decided to look around in New Haven to see what organizations were doing great work and I heard really good things about New Haven Reads.  I realized that I was aware of the organization already from regularly driving by it on Ashmun Street and seeing kids coming in and out, and had always thought that it seemed like a very nice place.  I have often done volunteer work helping kids with reading, so it’s a cause that I feel strongly about, and I decided to begin donating.

Why did you choose to become a Sustaining Donor, instead of making a one-time donation?

I have heard from friends working at non-profits that while one-time donations are good, regular donations (even if not that much at a time) are much better because they allow long-term budgeting as it’s a guaranteed income source.  So, I do all my donations as monthly donations.

What kind of impact do you believe that NHR has on our community and the city of New Haven?

This type of organization is so important for New Haven–it’s a safe, friendly place for children to come and develop their reading skills. The community needs more of these types of places, and they need to have sufficient resources!

What impact, if any, do you feel that your gift to NHR has had on you?

As I started giving monthly to New Haven Reads, I also became inspired to start volunteering again helping children read.

If you could describe your experience with NHR in one word, what would it be?