A Huge Thank You to Ruth!

Ruth Beardsley has been involved with NHR since joining us as tutor in 2009.
Over her 13 years as a tutor, Ruth has helped over 20 students increase their literacy skills with hundreds of hours of tutoring.
Ruth joined the Board in 2016 and became President in 2019 for a three year term which ended this month. We have benefitted tremendously from her leadership, expertise, and support! As Board President, Ruth played a fundamental part in guiding New Haven Reads through the pandemic so we could continue to offer highly impactful program all within our mission of sharing “the joy and power of reading”. Ruth has been a dedicated and thoughtful Board president.
Ruth and her student Throne
While Ruth is saying goodbye to being on our Board, she will continue to be a tutor and will serve on a couple committees. We are extremely grateful to her for all her terrific years of Board service and are glad that she will continue to be part of our New Haven Reads family