What We’re Reading Jan/Feb 2017

Briana (Bristol St. Site Director): I’m reading an Agatha Christie book called Murder on the Orient Express. It’s a murder mystery about a person called Casetti, who used to be part of a mobster group that kidnapped a kid and held him for ransom. The police arrested the wrong person, so Casetti changed his name to Rachett and took the Oriental Express, where he was murdered. The book reminds me of the game Clue, because as you’re reading you’re trying to figure out who did it.

Coralys (Dixwell Site Director): I just started reading Night Film by Marisha Pessl (which I found in our book bank!). It’s a murder/suicide mystery thriller told from the perspective of a journalist. He is investigating the death of a 24-year-old woman who was found dead in a abandoned warehouse. She is also the daughter of a horror film director that hasn’t been seen in public for over thirty years. There is a lot of imagery that helps the reader feel immersed in the case, so it has been a very interesting read so far.

Fiona (Assistant Director): I saw The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper in the library and thought it looked interesting. It’s about a man whose wife has died, and a year later he clears out her stuff and finds a charm bracelet he’s never seen before. He uses it to find out about her life before she met him, and that helps him process his grief and brings him closer to his children. He meets all of these new people and has new experiences, and comes out the other side with all of these amazing new stories about his wife that he never knew.

Geoff (Development Assistant): I just finished The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin by Masha Gessen. Putin’s story is unbelievable. It is like something out of a pulp spy fiction. Seemingly everyone who defies him ends up dead under mysterious circumstances. And that is just the start of his long list of atrocities. It’s a great book and rather terrifying if you read into some of the similarities between our two nations. It really helps put government into perspective.

Jocelyn (VISTA): I am four chapters into The Black Wall of Silence by Paul F. Morrissey, OSA, and so far the novel is very intriguing. It’s about a Catholic priest, Zach, who gets caught up between victims who were sexually abused by priests and his bond of loyalty to the Church. In an attempt to figure out how he can better the Church, Zach begins working as a chaplain in Riker’s Island Jail, which is the first place where Father Zach can practice what he loves while being his true self: a gay priest.

Victoria (Book Bank Manager): I just read a very small book – a short story really – last night called The Gold Cadillac, by Mildred D. Taylor. Taylor is an African-American author who writes historical fiction children’s novels based on her family history and stories she heard growing up. The Gold Cadillac recounts how ‘lois and Wilma’s father purchased a beautiful new gold Cadillac and decided to drive it south from Ohio to Mississippi during the Jim Crow era. I won’t give the storyline away, but the trip is the first time ‘lois and Wilma are exposed to racism and the threat of race-based violence. I highly recommend all of Taylor’s books.

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