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In the fall of 2011, New Haven Reads began hosting field trips for local schools. Classes travel to our Book Bank for story time and book “shopping.” Each student may select up to five books to take home with them to keep!  Since all the books are donated, the trips come at no cost to the students, schools, or their families.

“Thank you for giving me these great books. The experience was amazing. I hope to come back and donate some books.  Others may need them more than I do.”
– Tom, Church Street School 5th Grader 

In the 2015-2016 school year, 1,936 children went on field trips to New Haven Reads, representing 26 schools in the Greater New Haven area. Through these trips, NHR distributed 11,199 books to New Haven area children.

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Field Trips FAQ 

Before you book your field trip…

How many trips can I schedule for my class?
You can only sign up to visit ONCE per year. While we’d love to see you more than once, our field trips program is incredibly popular, and we want to ensure that as many classes as possible are able to visit.

What grades can book a field trip?
NHR hosts Pre-K through 5th grade. We are not able to provide field trips for middle or high school students, but we invite you to come get a box of books for your students.

Can I schedule field trips for another teacher?
No. Teachers must personally schedule a field trip for their class.

Can I bring more than one class for a single field trip?
No. One class per time slot, please. Classes may not be combined under any circumstances. Teachers may only bring the number of students enrolled in their class, up to 27 students.

After you book your field trip…

Will NHR send me a reminder?
Yes! You will receive the following three confirmation emails.

  1. After your initial request, you will receive an email confirming your final date and time.
  2. You will receive your first reminder about a month before your trip.
  3. You will receive one final confirmation email the week of your field trip, asking you to confirm your attendance.

The third email will ask you to confirm your attendance; if you do not respond, you will receive one confirmation call, and if NHR is unable to reach you, your field trip will be cancelled.

If you do not receive these emails, please check your Spam folder.

What if I need to cancel my field trip?
Because we have a significant number of teachers who want to come to field trips that exceeds the number of field trips we have available, we have felt the need to institute a strict cancellation policy.

  • If you need to cancel, it is essential that you notify NHR at least three weeks ahead of time, so that we are able to schedule someone from the wait list. You may send notification to
  • If, for some unforeseen reason, three weeks notice is not feasible, we ask for at least 24 hours notice to alert the field trip volunteers.
  • For anyone who does not show up for a field trip, or who cancels within less than 24 hours, you forfeit the right to book a field trip for the next academic year.

Can New Haven Reads reschedule my field trip?
If any dates are still available, you may reschedule your field trip by emailing After all dates are booked, we will ONLY be able to reschedule your trip if it is snowed out or cancelled for other inclement weather.

During the field trip…

Can I arrive early or stay later than the scheduled time?
Please be faithful to your scheduled start and departure times. Our field trips are run by dedicated volunteers, most of them retired teachers, who arrive and set up 15 minutes ahead of time. If we let your class in early, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to complete set-up, which in turn makes the field trip difficult to run. Similarly, please make sure your bus will return within 30-45 minutes to ensure that we are respectful of the volunteers’ time.

Where can the school bus park?
Buses may park on Bristol Street, between the corner and the NHR parking lot. Please note that buses which block the parking lot will be asked to move.

Can I request that specific books be available for the field trip?
For classes that have English language learners, students who are reading above or below grade level, studying any specific subject matter, etc, you can send your requests to the Book Bank Director ( ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate, dependent upon availability.

Can I select books for my classroom library during the trip?
YES! You may feel free to browse our shelves along with your students. Additionally, you may request extra books for pick up through the book orders program.

Any other questions or concerns?
Please email

As noted, our field trips are extremely popular and run by dedicated volunteers. Your cooperation with our policies will ensure that field trips run smoothly. Conversely, failing to comply places a burden on our volunteers, and can also mean that you have prevented another class from visiting. As such, we are very grateful for your cooperation!

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